The U-M Bicentennial IT Historic Timeline showcases U-M’s role on the forefront of creating and inventing technology that has shaped not only daily experiences in teaching and learning, research, and patient care, but also long-term change in the world. Focusing on U-M’s technological heritage, successes, innovators, and the occasional failure, the timeline will continue to evolve over the course of 2017 — and beyond. The project is funded by a U-M Bicentennial grant and sponsored by the Michigan IT Steering Group.


The following individuals enthusiastically contributed their professional expertise, volunteered in-kind help or materials, or passed on valuable stories of U-M’s IT heritage.

  • John Johnston, ITS
  • Ridley Jones, School of Information
  • Paul Killey, U-M Retiree
  • Joe Kryza, HITS
  • Robert LaRoe, School of Social Work
  • Alan Levy, ITS
  • Timothy McKay, LSA
  • Tom Murphy, Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)
  • Len Niehoff, School of Law
  • Andrew Palms, ITS
  • Mark Personett, ITS
  • Rick Rinke, College of Pharmacy and HITS
  • Andrew Rosenberg, HITS
  • Martin Sager, ITS
  • Carrie Shumaker, U-M Dearborn
  • Josh Simon, LSA IT
  • MaryBeth Stuenkel, ITS
  • Douglas Van Houweling, School of Information
  • Ryan Vis, ITS
  • Vlad Wielbut, School of Public Health
  • Bryan Wilkerson, ITS
  • Dino Anastasia, Student Life
  • Dan Atkins III, U-M Retiree
  • Martha Bhatia, U-M Retiree
  • Evan Blumenstein, Information and Technology Services (ITS)
  • Cassandra Callaghan, School of Dentistry
  • Lisa Callihan, Literature, Science and Arts IT
  • John Cessna, School of Public Health
  • Richard Conto, U-M Medical School
  • Doug Cox, ITS
  • Mark Davis-Craig, ITS
  • Sean DeMonner, ITS
  • Dave Detlefs, U-M Retiree
  • Janet Eaton, ITS
  • John Ellison, Health Information Technology & Services (HITS)
  • Charles Engel, U-M Retiree
  • Elizabeth Fomin, LSA
  • Mark Giuffrida, College of Engineering
  • Mike Gladieux, U-M Retiree
  • Nan Godwin, ITS
  • Ted Hanss, HITS
  • Myron Hepner, HITS
  • Kurt (Dr. Kurt) Hillig, U-M Retiree

2016-2017 Project Team

  • Additional Editorial Support by Members of the ITS Communications Team:
  • Ken Caldwell
  • Dana Fair
  • Patty Giorgio
  • Rita Girardi
  • Stefanie Horvath
  • Margaret Loveless
  • Rachael Wojciechowski
  • ITS Intern: Tanya Madhani (‘18)
  • Lindsay Hendricks, ITS
  • Joel Iverson
  • Heather Kipp, HITS
  • Marissa Rivas, HITS
  • Jessica Rohr
  • Marc Stephens, HITS
  • Jeffrey Bennett, AI
  • Mike Schleif, ITS
  • Gonzalo Silverio, ITS
  • Mike Stork, ITS
  • Darcy Turner, ITS
  • School of Information Graduate Interns:
  • Adam Lott (‘16)
  • Sarah McClusky (‘16)
  • Tessa Wakefield (‘17)

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Brian Williams and the staff of the Bentley Historical Library for their assistance with this project.


The U-M Bicentennial IT Historic Timeline is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure its accuracy at the date of its publication, but its accuracy is not guaranteed. Events posted on the IT Timeline are posted within (or according to) the year of their occurrence.


To provide feedback on the U-M IT Bicentennial Historic Timeline, and to offer corrections or additions, please contact the U-M Bicentennial IT Historic Timeline project team. IT-Timeline@umich.edu